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On3/On30 C&S Steel Underframe Refrigerator Car kit

On30 1890'S Bachmann Shay Conversion kit

O Bates Bulldozer kit

On3/On30 Eureka Mill Ore car kits

On3/On30  Rail Truck  kit

HOn3 NPC Cab Forward 4-4-0 Parts set

O scale Dolbeer Donkey Engine kit

D&RGW 700 Series Drop Bottom Gondola kit

On3/On30 Shop Crane

HO Autocar Stake Bed Truck kit

 On30 18' Wooden Stock Car kit

 Sn3 D&RGW 30' Refrigerator Car kit

 On3/On30 Shorty Whaleback Tender kit

O/On3/On30 Denver Handcar kit

 HOn3/HOn30 MDC Shay Backdate  kit


First update in a long time. Most new items & loads of Back Shop Parts being listed in the store this Summer!


  We have many new kits available including a complete line of backwoods 4 wheel logging cars that are really cool! These are listed in the web site store !

See pictures of the new Blacksmith's car and Gondola's below.



Lots of new items have been loaded into Our store! Click here to look!

  Many additions and upgrades to the Web site store. Much easier to use and now includes a search engine which helps you find items. Also We now accept paypal directly from the web site.

 For international customers and those that do not wih to Use paypal  your order is sent to us via an e-mail. Upon receiving your order We will e-mail you an invoice with shipping costs included. We accept Money Orders, Personal Checks as well as Visa and Mastercard.

 We have recently acquired the former "Star Models" line of passenger car kits. Sn3, and On3/On30 kits of D&RGW, C&S and freelance equipment. This line of kits is now in production and kits are available now.


  We now offer the Former "Back Shop" Line of Brass Detail parts.  This line consists of Locomotive and Freight and Passenger car details as well as many other items. Products from this line are now being added to the store as they become available and We get them back into production .

  We have acquired all the former "N Scale of Nevada" tooling and We are working to get the many kits and details from that line back into production.


Click here to see all the many product lines We have acquired over the years that make up our line of products.

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On30 Gable Bottom Hopper Car kit

HO Scale Mack B Series Log Truck Kit

O scale D&RGW 50,000 Gallon Water Tank kit

On3 or On30 D&RGW   65' Turntable kit

S/Sn3 AH&D Ditcher kit D&RGW OX,OW RGS 030

D&RGW 2 Window RPO Passenger Car kit

HO scale Railway Engineering Horseshoe Meadow Depot       Horseshoe Me

S Scale 2 story Stone Factory

O scale Scenery and Structure  Detail Parts

O Scale Willamette 3 Drum Loading Engine kit

On3/On30 Ely-Thomas Camp Car castings set

 HO White Flat  Bed Truck kit

 HO Scale Mack Flat Bed Rail Truck kit

 HO Scale Kerosene Locomotive kit